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Annelien Broersma

My name is Annelien Broersma and I was about 10 years old when I started playing Wallball. When I started, Wallball was new to us. During the summer in The Netherlands we play kaatsen. This way, I can play kaatsen in the summer and Wallball in the winter, perfect! Where kaatsen is a slow and static sport, Wallball is ... More

Monica Caballero

In Valencia we play an other forms of handball. I started to play Escala I Corda and Galotxa when I was 9 years old. Also, I played with my dad frontennis. But I play One-Wall since 2012, because in Spain it wasn't known until then. When I practiced a few months, I was selected for play the CIJB World Championship in ... More

Victoria Diez

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Yolanda Monroe

Hi my name is Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Monroe. Growing up in Brooklyn during the 70’s was a great time for me. At the tender age of 9 I fell in love with the game of wallball. I use to go to the factory next door to us and hit the ball against the walls. I would go to the park down the end of the corner and see the guys ... More

Geke De Boer

I started to play Wallball when I was 10 years old. It was a new sport in the Netherlands and I wanted to do it in the winter, because the Frisian sport, kaatsen, is a summer game. My first trip to another country was Belgium, I was 11 years old. We had a tournament there. I really liked this. My biggest victory ... More

Ana Giner

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Lorraine Havern

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Harmke Siegersma

Hi, my name is Harmke and I’ve been playing wallball since 2010. I think this game is very attractive. It’s fast, growing, simple and learnable. The only thing you need is a ball and a wall. I’ve been playing for five years now and I am getting better every day. My goal is to make it to the top in America. ... More

Mar Giminez

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Miranda Scheffer

In the Netherlands we play a sport called ‘kaatsen’, which is another type of hand-to-ball sport played on a field instead of against a wall. In Holland we were introduced to wallball 8 years ago.  William Polanco came all the way from the USA to show us this great sport. From the very beginning I fell in love ... More