Sinead Hanley


I got started when i was in primary school, there were a lot of people who influenced and encouraged me all through the years, they believed in me when i didn’t even believe in myself. I would like to thank Jimi, Frances, Timin, Gerry for their support from the very start and still to the this day, and of course my mother because without her support and encouragement, and her own interest in the sport I would never have gotten the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally and get to play the game that i love or to make friends for life.

I love playing wallball because the athleticism that is needed is unreal, the intensity of the game and how anything can happen and change with a swing of a ball.  I love how everyone involved in wallball is like one big family and everyone looks out for each other, you really do make friends for life, whatever happens on the court stays on the court.

The way I see it is that there is no point in doing anything unless you enjoy it, and the enjoyment I get from playing wallball is phenomenal. The main quote for me that I saw a few years ago and to this day I still love and what defines what wallball is: ‘Any ball, any wall, any time’. - Sinead Hanley

I can’t really pick out one memory because everything I have achieved means so much to me. Winning the World Titles was amazing, winning the UK Open is another big one as it was my first open tournament and I went in to the games with no expectations – I just wanted to enjoy myself and have fun.

My 2015 all Ireland junior 4-wall titles meant a lot to me because I have been trying for awhile to get my hands on that title and luckily on the days i played well, enjoyed my games and things went my way. My hopes for the future are still to be enjoying training, playing games, and travelling with the sport.  If more titles come then that is great, but I don’t set out to win titles. I play to keep fit, for the enjoyment of this sport and most importantly getting to make so many friends both nationally and internationally.

Top Results

  • UK Open Singles Champion
  • All Ireland Singles & Doubles Title
  • Dutch Open B Singles Champion & Doubles Champion (partner – Barbara Hanley)
  • Women’s Provincial player of the year
  • Irish Nationals Women’s 23 & under Runner-Up
  • World C Singles Champion