Sebastien Potiez – “Lefty Seb”


I started in 1995.  I was playing a local sport called “Belgian fronton”; I had won the Belgian Cup so I was lucky to be selected for my first big international One Wall tournament in Wales.

My greatest victories:

All wins are nice, but I remember the Belgium Open 2011 and a quarter-final against Hans Wassenaar. I was led 14/20 and I could snatch victory 21/20, it remains a great memory especially for my first Open in singles.

My hope for the future; We are on the right way with the Wallball Protour, I want to keep it that way and I’ll do whatever I can to help this wonderful project.

Beware of everyone but don’t be afraid of anyone - Lefty Seb

I practice One Wall for fun, for competition but above all because I love this sport.


Best Results

Singles Titles:
  • Belgian Open Champion, 2013
  • Flemish Open Champion, 2014
  • Belgian Open, 2011-2014
  • Semi-finalist UK Open 2013
  • Semi-finalist Belgian Open 2012


  • Belgian Open Champion, 2012-2015 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • French Open Champion 2012 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Flemish Open Champion 2014 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Belgian Cup Doubles, 2012 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • French Open 2015 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Italian Open 2015 (partner – Steve Soquette)
  • Semi-finals UK Open 2015 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Semi-finals World Championships B Doubles, Ireland (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Bronze Medal CIJB World Team Championships, Spain 2010 (partner – Guillaume Dumoulin)
  • Bronze Medal CIJB World Team Championships, Spain 2004 (parter – Damien Famelart)