Daniel Grant


Daniel Grant is President of the UK Wallball Association. He sits on the ProTour board as both a representative of the UK and as rankings co-ordinator (along with Luke Stradwick). Over the past 5 years Daniel has set up successful wallball around the UK, but especially in London.

He was responsible for the first draft of what was to become the European ProTour and was delighted to take on the role of rankings co-ordinator.

“The ProTour is a tremendous initiative to unite European wallballers. The rankings are a huge leap in the right direction as players can see how they’re progressing and feel like they are moving towards something. Onwards and upwards!” - Daniel Grant

When he is not organising projects, he also plays the sport (as many board members do) and is currently the one of the top ranked players in Europe. He also Captains the Great Britain wallball team at the various team events throughout the year.