Daniel Grant


I love wallball – what a great sport and an even better experience. Not only do I enjoy playing at the top level all around the world, proudly representing my country, but I also relish the strong friendships I’ve cultivated over the years and look forward to the many more I’ll make in time to come. This camaraderie on the circuit will endure long after I retire from the game.

I started playing in 2007. I crossed over to wallball from the English domestic handball game of “Fives”. I was part of the inaugural England team and we competed at the 2007 Federation Cup in Italy. Needless to say we got thrashed. We finished last that year, but we left inspired. Over the next year we set up courts – marking them out with masking tape against a tennis court wall. The next year we finished 6th and then at the 2009 World Championships in Portland, we finished 5th and won the ELA cup for emerging nations.

After 2009 I decided to take on the game at an individual level too. I travelled to New York to train and it paid off. In 2010 England finished 4th in the world and we won the European Championships – an enduring memory from Valencia, one of the best of my life.

I’m humbled by the players I compete against who constantly display the highest levels of professionalism and camaraderie and I can’t wait to see the next generation who will surely take this sport to a new level. - Daniel Grant

Since then I’ve seen the game grow in Europe and have attended as many Opens as I can (the sport is amateur in the UK, so it depends if I get time off or not!). I was lucky enough to be able to carry the Olympic torch in 2012 for services to wallball and now I’m incredibly proud to be part of a tour which really champions the values of the game. Down the line I firmly believe the legacy of the tour will be a great one.

Singles Results
  • 2016 – Spanish Open Champion
  • 2015 – European Player of the Year
  • 2015 – Australian 3-wall Open runner-up
  • 2015 – UK Open semi-final
  • 2014 – Dutch Open runner-up
  • 2014 – UK Open semi-final
  • 2013 – World A 3-Wall runner-up
  • 2013 – Australian 3-wall Open semi-final
  • 2013 – UK Open semi-final
  • 2012 – World Championships Open last 16
  • 2011 – UK Open Champion
  • 2010 – Brooklyn, NY C Singles Champion
Doubles Results:
  • 2014 – Dutch Open runner-up
  • 2014 – CIJB World Championship 3rd
  • 2012 – World Championships Open quarter-finals
  • 2010 – CIJB European Champion
  • 2009 – World B Doubles Champion