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Michael Ngai

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Vladislav Klym

I started with sport at a very young age; I was fortunate to have two very athletic parents. Crossing over from Tae Kwon Do, I first saw Wallball when I was in intermediate school. It took me 4 years of watching to find a fondness for the sport but it erupted during my high school years. Since the age of 19, I have been ... More

Hans Wassenaar

I started playing wallball as soon as it arrived in Holland.  The first clinic was done by William Polanco and I was immediately hooked. In 2003 I started with some simple drills and nowadays I travel all over Europe to play in the ProTour tournaments. I like this game so much because through the years I met so ... More

Luke Thomson

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Guillaume Dumoulin

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Massimo Corsi

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Sébastien Potiez


Luke Stradwick


Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant is President of the UK Wallball Association. He sits on the ProTour board as both a representative of the UK and as rankings co-ordinator (along with Luke Stradwick). Over the past 5 years Daniel has set up successful wallball around the UK, but especially in London. He was responsible for the first draft ... More

Kees Van Der Schoot

Kees is one cool cucumber. When his lungs hold out he's a player of remarkable talent and class. More soon... More