Euro1Wall – Promotion of 1-Wall Award

  • 21st November 2018
For the first time the board of the European 1-Wall decided to give an award for the promotion of 1-wall in Europe and the organisation of a ProTour tournament.
This year the award was for Guillaume Dumoulin, president of the Killshot Club and Sebastien Potiez (Lefty Seb), secretary of the Killshot Club and one of the directors of European 1-Wall. Both of them are ONE team and they started the Killshot Club in 2011. With almost no financial input, they have become one of the best 1-Wall clubs in Europe. Preparing young players to be European Top-players is there goal and in the last years they can be proud of the group of young players from Killshot who are already in the ranking of the Pro Tour. Every week they offer their free-time to give coaching to a group of 40 players. When you say in Belgium 1-Wall, everybody is thinking about Guillaume and Seb.
The Pro Tour-tournament and organisation of the Belgium Open is the best in Europe. Players from different countries are happy to come to this tournament, who is not only a high-level tournament but also a weekend for friends, to meet each other again. Players from Belgium, Argentina, USA, Spain, Italy, France, UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australië and Ireland already passed in Huissignies, where the beautiful hall “LA MARCOTTE” with 5 courts is located. A team with a lot of volunteers are giving 100% from themselves to help Guillaume and Seb. Every year they are looking to make the Belgium Open special and this year they could make a deal with a local TV-station (NO TELE) who live-streamed 3 finales on Saturday.
The European 1-wall is very honored to have persons like Guillaume and Seb and a lot of them can learn a lot of them.
Gilles VAN STALLE (BELGIUM): official photographer from European 1-WALL
Gilles Van Stalle from Belgium, father of Simeon Van Stalle (European Top-player), is been chosen by the board of the European 1-Wall to become the official European 1-Wall photographer. He is working on a volunteer-base for us and on every Pro Tour tournament we can find him. All his pictures, that he made over the last years, are moving all over the world. Every player will find in the 1000 of pictures certainly one of more pictures of himself. He is taken this job very serious and his making very beautiful action-pictures. He has also eye for the volunteers, supporters, kids, … out of the court. His album are always complete. The family of the European 1-Wall knows Gilles very well and you can always ask him to make a picture on even witch moment in even witch situation. Thanks Gilles for all the nice and professional work and we hope that we will have more beautiful pictures in the future.
Geert Vandervelden
European 1-Wall