End of 2017 Rankings

  • 15th November 2017

The end of year rankings are now out and there’s been some big changes and lots of narrowing of gaps as the tour becomes more competitive than ever at the top. We have also demonstrated our inclusivity by appealing to many more fun social players and beginners and now have over 500 players in the rankings. Having only run for 2 years we are delighted to see so many people playing wallball, having fun, making friends and joining the family.

We’ve also attracted more players than ever with players from Canada, Australia and the Basque country joining our ranks. Notably, Timbo Gonzalez, the world no.1 male player, came over to the Belgium Open and delivered an unforgettable and inspirational masterclass.


  • Conor Mcelduff overtakes Sacha Kruithof to become the top male player in Europe. Definitive wins in Spain and Holland, and a runner-up spot in Belgium see him overtake the former number 1.
  • In the women’s singles the gap closes dramatically on Miranda Scheffer at the top. Mar Giminez climbing up fast, Harmke Siegersma tightens the gap with a spectacular win in Holland. And Anne Monfils breaks into the top 10 with a fine win in Belgium
  • The men’s doubles sees Sebastien Potiez maintain a strong stranglehold on the top but also dominant is Kees Van Der Schoot who has supported Conor Mcelduff into the top 10 too.
  • In the women’s doubles the Dutch still hold the top, but there is a welcome return from Monica Moya and Annalien Broersma.