ProTour players take on the World. Check out their profiles here.

  • 2nd August 2015

Good luck to all the European Wallball ProTour players heading to the Calgary for the World Championships next week. It’s been an honour for us to host you all over the past few years and we’re rooting for you!

The World Championships is the triennial tournament which represents the pinnacle of individual competition. The top players from all over the world will descend on Calgary, Canada for two weeks of intense competition.

We’ve listed the players who’ll be in Canada below (and you can see their profiles under the “players” tab of the menu), and we’ll catch up with them at the next European Wallball ProTour event in Spain on the 10th October. If you’ve yet to play on the Tour, then you’re most welcome at any of our events over the next year – just have a search through our events to see the dates. We’re looking forward to listing even more names before the next World Championships.


  • Jessical Gawley
  • Samantha England


  • Ranger Russell


  • Fintan Creamer
  • Sinead Hanley
  • Daniel Kavanagh
  • Josh Kavanagh
  • Lorraine Havern


  • Theunis Piersma
  • Miranda Scheffer
  • Sijmen Scheffer
  • Kees Van Der Schoot


  • Sara Gil
  • Ana Giner
  • Maria Giner
  • Saxa Perello
  • Monica Moya

Great Britain:

  • Kathleen Briedenhann
  • Daniel Grant
  • Tessa Mills
  • Luke Stradwick
  • Daniel Tristao
  • Kerry White


  • William Polanco
  • Vladislav Klym
  • Victor LoPierre
  • Veronica Figueroa
  • Yolanda Monroe
  • Kevin Monroe
  • Tony Roberts