10 Results for group: top-10-m

Kees Van Der Schoot

Kees is one cool cucumber. When his lungs hold out he's a player of remarkable talent and class. More soon... More

Steve Soquette

Steve is one of Belgium's young talents with a great left hand. More soon... More

William Polanco

My parents moved from the Dominican Republic to New York when I was young. There were many sports to play as a child, but I always came back to Wallball (aka One Wall Handball). It was the easiest to pick up and provided play time against almost any flat surface. I spent countless hours just hitting the ball back to the ... More

Daniel Tristao

Daniel is a real talent back in England on the Fives circuit (the UK's traditional game of wallball). His superior reactions, quick feet and natural talent set him well apart from most other players. The same is true on the wallball court. Although he lacks the power of some of the other players, his defensive game is ... More

Paudi Quish

First started playing Wallball at 13 years of age and love every aspect of it. The European Pro Tour is an absolute god send for promoting Wallball as it's helped spread the sport across the world. Without the Wallball tour I would not have had the chance to visit so many beautiful places and make incredible friends across ... More

Conor Mcelduff

Growing up I played every sport there was, from Gaelic Football to "Soccer", Basketball to Tennis, Pool to Table Tennis and the one I didn't start until I was around 14 years old was Handball (or wallball as it is now known). The Handball I was introduced too was 4 Wall Handball and I just instantly became obsessed with ... More

Sebastien Potiez – “Lefty Seb”

I started in 1995.  I was playing a local sport called "Belgian fronton"; I had won the Belgian Cup so I was lucky to be selected for my first big international One Wall tournament in Wales. My greatest victories: All wins are nice, but I remember the Belgium Open 2011 and a quarter-final against Hans Wassenaar. I ... More

Daniel Grant

I love wallball – what a great sport and an even better experience. Not only do I enjoy playing at the top level all around the world, proudly representing my country, but I also relish the strong friendships I’ve cultivated over the years and look forward to the many more I’ll make in time to come. This camaraderie ... More

Tanguy Metayer

Tanguy is a quiet player with remarkable finesse and touch. A man of few words he walks on court with immaculate hair and puts other players away with precision to the right and to the left. Both his hands are precise and his game smacks of natural talent. More

Sacha Kruithof

Sacha has risen through the ranks very quickly which is a testament to the hours of training he has put in over the past few years. Initially one of the only Spanish men to play on the tour (he started when he was a teenager), he quickly built up a following and inspired more local players from Spain. Some training in the ... More