William Polanco


My parents moved from the Dominican Republic to New York when I was young. There were many sports to play as a child, but I always came back to Wallball (aka One Wall Handball). It was the easiest to pick up and provided play time against almost any flat surface. I spent countless hours just hitting the ball back to the wall.

I joined my high school’s wallball team and this started my interest in traveling all across the city getting better and better. I learned about my first international tournament in 2003 & I got to experience Ireland. This was a life changing event as I was able to see how passionate people all around the world are about the sport. It was also where I won my first World Champs. After that I have traveled to Belgium, France, England, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain & the Netherlands participating and promoting the sport.

As more countries are exposed to the sport, it will continue to grow and foster a bigger community of players. - William Polanco

Top Results
  • 2003 World Handball Championships – Open Doubles
  • 2006 World Handball Championships – Open Singles/Doubles
  • 2008 USHA Big Ball Nationals – Open Doubles
  • 2009 World Handball Championships – Open Doubles
  • 2013 Belgian Open – Open Singles
  • 2013 Dutch Open – Open Singles
  • 2015 UK Open – Open Singles/Doubles
  • 2015 French Open – Open Doubles
  • 2015 Spanish Open – Open Singles/Doubles
  • Team USA : 2008-2010, 2012, 2015