Vladislav Klym


I started with sport at a very young age; I was fortunate to have two very athletic parents. Crossing over from Tae Kwon Do, I first saw Wallball when I was in intermediate school. It took me 4 years of watching to find a fondness for the sport but it erupted during my high school years. Since the age of 19, I have been competing on the US Pro Tour for Wallball including both big ball and small ball. At 20 I crossed over to play on the indoor Four-Wall Pro Tour, winning a number of regional titles. I have been competing on a professional level, consistently, for the past 6 years, with a 2 year break due to injury.

My best victory, at the time, had to have been the 2009 ICHA Mayors Cup Pro-Am Singles. I had lost the first game 21-11 to a younger and stronger Josh Garcia. Josh had been an up-and-coming force on the pro tour and was finally finding his stride. After a timeout, I was able to strategically change my game play to neutralize Josh’s super-aggressive form of play comfortably winning the remaining two games 21-7 and 11-1 in the tiebreaker. At that moment I realized strategy with athleticism should always beat brute force.

Wallball has been my life for a number of reasons. It is easy to play, unbelievably inclusive, extremely challenging at a high level, and has an unparalleled level of camaraderie. - Vladislav Klym

Understanding that I am no longer 16 anymore, my dream is for the sport to be recognised as an official Olympic sport. I see an opportunity for children and young adults to be exposed to a life long sport that promotes health, competitive nature, and camaraderie. To date, my best memory was seeing the sport of Wallball through the 2013 World Games as a demonstration sport; walking out in front of thousands of fans screaming with their support. The future of Wallball is bright and we are all welcome to be a part of it.

Singles titles

  • 2005 USHA Junior Nationals 17 and under
  • 2008 ICHA Mayors Cup Amateur Singles
  • 2008 Sabo C Singles
  • 2008 Sabo 19 and under Singles
  • 2008 ICHA Long Island Open C Singles
  • 2008 New Hampshire Open B Singles
  • 2008 USHA Northeast Regional C Singles
  • 2009 ICHA Mayors Cup Pro-Am Singles
  • 2014 UK Open Singles
  • 2014 Dutch Open Singles

Doubles titles

  • 2008 John Sabo C Doubles (William Huazcho)
  • 2008 John Sabo 19 and under Doubles (William Huazcho)
  • 2008 ICHA Long Island Open C Doubles (William Huazcho)
  • 2008 USHA Northeast Regional C Doubles (William Huazcho)
  • 2009 ICHA Mayors Cup Pro-Am Doubles (William Huazcho)
  • 2011 Coney Island Out-of-the-hat Pro Doubles (Alvaro Rebaza)
  • 2012 Rodney Fink Classic (Arthur Sayed) 2
  • 012 USHA Collegiate Nationals Open Doubles (Anthony Delgado)
  • 2014 Belgium Open (Luke Thomson)
  • 2014 Dutch Open (Daniel Tristao)
  • 2015 UK Open (William Polanco)
  • 2015 French Open (William Polanco)

Runner-up/2nd places

  • 2007 USHA Junior Big Blue Nationals
  • 2008 USHA Albany Open B Singles
  • 2012 USHA Collegiate Nationals Open Singles
  • 2013 UK Open Singles
  • 2013 Belgium Open Singles
  • 2013 Belgium Open Doubles
  • 2013 Dutch Open Singles
  • 2015 UK Open Singles