Miranda Scheffer


In the Netherlands we play a sport called ‘kaatsen’, which is another type of hand-to-ball sport played on a field instead of against a wall.
In Holland we were introduced to wallball 8 years ago.  William Polanco came all the way from the USA to show us this great sport.

From the very beginning I fell in love with the game. I wanted to play and I wanted make myself better and better.

I love the sport because you have to play smart, have great responses, good conditioning, be left and right handed and have a good service. You just need a wall and a ball. You can always play! - Miranda Scheffer

My best memory is the World Team Championship in 2014, in Massamagrell, where I was playing in the final against Puerto Rico. We won in a close 3-game nail-biter. When the last ball was hit a lot of things were going through my mind. Many emotions and so much joy.

I hope this sport will join the Olympics in the future – a big dream for every player!  I hope that this sport continues to grow. More countries and more players!


Top Results

  • Certification of A player in New York
  • French Open Champion
  • European Player of the Year
  • Belgian Open Champion
  • Flemish Open Champion
  • World Team Championships – Gold Medal (parter – Marike Beckers & Nelie Steenstra)
  • Italian Open Champion
  • Dutch Open Singles & Doubles Champion
  • Dutch Open Singles & Doubles Champion
  • CIJB European Team Championships – Gold Medal (parter – Marike Beckers)
  • World B Doubles Champion (partner – Bianca van der Veen)