Belgium Open 2017 – Round Up

  • 13th November 2017

As always this fantastic tournament was made even bigger and better by the expert team of Seb & Guillaume (and friends) for this, the 7th Belgium Open at Killshot Club. The hospitality, the dancing shows around the finals and the large friendly entry, made this an unforgettable experience.  An unexpected treat, revealed only days before the event in a live Facebook broadcast, was the presence of Timbo Gonzalez – the best player in the world. Timbo came over and delivered a masterclass in skill and knowledge and helped to up the game of many players and inspired many young children to keep at it and get better and better. It was a pleasure to have him over and we hope he comes to more events in the future. Many thanks indeed to his sponsors at Red Bull for helping him come over.


  • Men’s Singles: Timbo Gonzalez (USA) bt Conor Mcelduff (IRE); 21-8
  • Women’s Singles: Anne Monfils (NED) bt Harmke Siegersma (NED); 21-14
  • Timbo Gonzalez (USA) & Sebastien Poteiz (BEL) bt Klym & McKenzie (USA); 21-15
  • Women’s Doubles: Scheffer & Siegersma (NED) bt Potiez & Clement (BEL); 21-5
  • Men’s Over 40: Wim De Bondt (BEL) bt Theunis Piersma (NED); 15-10
  • Men’s Over 40 Doubles: Dupont & Faignart (BEL) bt Piersma & Scheffer (NED); 21-11